throw yo hands up in the air...

Call me an adrenaline junkie {insert rhetorical smartass utterance here} but I love roller coasters. I love riding them, watching them, even (to a lesser degree) standing in line waiting for another chance to ride 'em all over again.

I love the rush, the thrill, the blood-curdling screams coming from myself and those around me.

Riding roller coasters reminds you that you're alive.

Part of the thrill is letting go of the handlebars.

Literally, it's a rush. Figuratively, it's also a rush.

Tonight it dawned on me that my life of late has been a roller coaster ride and I've let go of the handlebars. I'm screaming my fool head off as the G-forces take my breath away and leave me wanting more. I'm intoxicated by the adrenaline. It's amazing! But... it's soooo not who I was before Spring arrived this year.

Before then, I wasn't holding onto the handlebars because I wasn't on the ride. Hell, I wasn't even at the amusement park having fun. This analogy would work better if I knew where exactly I had been. Suffice it to say, my situation was more like sitting in traffic waiting to get to the amusement park - or else broken down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, en route to the park. Either way, there was zilcho fun being had.

That has changed. Now the fun is underway. Hands up in the air.

Tell me: where are YOUR hands? Are you holding on for dear life on a ride that terrifies you in an exhilarating way? Or are you even in the amusement park? If you're not holding onto the ride, then what are you holding onto?

Life's too short not to let go every once in awhile and enjoy the ride.

Go ahead. Maybe it's time for you to scream your fool head off, too. It just might be the one thing your life needs most.  :)

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