Spring Break...for grownups

China's Terracotta Army exhibit at High Museum, Atlanta
This is the last weekend of my Spring Break. When asked by a fellow classmate if I was going to the beach or some exotic locale, I replied, "I'm an adult. Adults don't do fun stuff for spring break. We do really exciting things like staying home with a stack of books and a good bottle of wine...ya know, real adrenaline junkie stuff."

It's sad but true, for the most part. But thanks to Uncle Sam's perfectly timed tax refund direct deposited today, my Spring Break will include travel and culture. Tomorrow I'm spending the day in Atlanta at the High Museum where China's Terracotta Armies are on display along with a few select masterpieces on loan from The Louvre. Seeing Barye's lion will be a treat.

From there, it's on to IKEA for some much-needed retail therapy. Thank you, Uncle Sam, for your impeccable timing. Spring Break is not a wash. Maybe I'll even head over to Whole Foods for a good bottle of wine to finish off the day. :)