"It's not where but who you're with that really matters"

to appease the gods of long-neglected blogdom, I pledge to post the last year's worth of musical adventure & hedonism...maybe. 

we'll see...

my family of choice: Inforoosters (@ MikeD's house, Jan '12)

lil' quackers from 'Roo '11, sunning @ MikeD's pool, July '11

"Quack Club" inaugural members (Rhode Island, Aug '11)


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music-holics anonymous?

A personal musing recently posted elsewhere: "I don't have kids; I have a live music addiction."

Truer words were never spoken.

By the time the New Year's ball drops next month, I will have seen more than 200 live acts this year alone.

Damn, are my feet tired!

The quantity (not to mention the quality!) of this year's performances has been amaaaaazing! Fortunately, the shows have been spaced out well enough that I can remember them. Or at least remember that I was there...that's saying a lot for some of 'em! ;)

Still, the Great Musical Bucket List has a few untouched entries. Those will be checked off in due time (in one fell swoop, at Glastonbury '13!) - but until then, let's rehash:

MY MUSICAL BUCKET LIST (completed acts now marked out!)

1. Radiohead
2. Pink Floyd (OK, probably won't happen, but seeing Roger Waters do The Wall in 2wks will suffice for now!)
3. Muse (yes! one of *the* best shows, ever!)
4. Arcade Fire (in the Top 3 of all-time greatest shows...front row was damn near a religious experience!)
5. U2 (seeing them next July!)
6. The Cure
7. The Smiths (never gonna happen, but still on the list)
8. Coldplay (sue me...I'm a Brit pop softie!)
9. Peter Gabriel
10. Elbow
11. *tie*: Van Morrison/Leonard Cohen