Starting Over...
(or, back in the blogging saddle again)

It's been awhile. I deleted all my previous blogs because I got tired of receiving unsolicited comments from all manner of opinionated strangers. Then it dawned on me: "wait, I do the same damn thing," so I suppose I shouldn't bitch when other people chime in on my blogs. After all, I do say that I expect change back.

So here we go. I doubt I'll repost the blogs from previous years - but who knows? Wild hairs have been known to spring up occasionally. Time will tell how often I blog. I'm still tempted to post daily musings on my MySpace
page - we'll see. The beauty of doing that is that I can post daily with no guilt - because, let's face it, sometimes a chick just needs to vent without leaving a cyber legacy, ya know?

There ya have it: my two cents' worth on blogging. This time, I don't expect change back. :)