Happy Trails...

I am a Trekkie. No, not that kind. Please. (I liked Star Wars better, thankyouverymuch.)

No, I am a proud new owner of a Trek bicycle. It's a 7.2FX in a lovely, unisex silver color. This is the first bike I have ever bought. My childhood bikes (a Schwinn when I was a kid; a Nishiki 10-speed as a teen) were gifts from the 'rents. For the last year, I've been telling myself that I wanted to start riding again. Of course, it doesn't help that I blogstalk (is that even a word - it should be, because I know you know exactly what I'm talking about - maybe Merriam-Webster's will add it next year...after all, they chose "truthiness" last year and the winner for 2007 is "w00t" - so surely "blogstalking" [v. - the act of secretly reading a stranger's publicly-posted blog] will be officially recognized soon) a semi-pro cyclist. But she orbits another universe altogether separate from mine. I am a novice rider. I doubt I will ever race. Hell, I could hardly even climb the slightest incline. So let me rephrase that previous statement: I am an out of shape novice rider. But that's a-gonna change, my friends.

This is my new bike. Ain't she a beaut? :)
I'm proud. OK, so it's not a Colnago or a Litespeed or an entry-level Specialized. Who cares? I saved up; I paid cash. And now, boys and girls, I ride. Every damn weekend. Go, me!

Interesting things happen when you ride. You remember how great it felt. You reminisce about your childhood. Maybe it's the breeze kissing your cheeks, or the whirring tick-tick-tick-tick-tick sound you hear as you coast downhill. Whatever it is, cycling makes you feel ALIVE. Yep, I definitely felt alive for the first 75 minutes of my venture on Chattanooga's Riverwalk, until my aching groin muscles starting cursing at me. As luck would have it, I found a perfect spot to relax. Below are a few pics from the Riverwalk (possibly one of the most picturesque 10-mile stretches of the Tennessee River you'll ever ride) and two from what shall henceforth be deemed "My Thinking Spot of Tranquility." No kidding, it's the ideal thinking spot ever. It's a rock shaped like a recliner - with a perfect indentation for one's posterior and a slight incline that makes a natural ottoman. So if you ever need to find me on a weekend afternoon, chances are good this is where I'll be:

See what I mean? That rock is
made for sitting!
So there ya have it: my two cents' worth on blogging...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm due for my next liberal application of Icy Hot to aching nether regions.