geekdom...now in sans-serif fonts

I am a geek. More specifically, I am a lover of fonts and type faces. To put a finer point on it, I am a lover of sans-serif fonts.

I loathe serif fonts. Times New Roman should be banned. It's just nine kinds of wrong. But I digress...

I am a font geek. At one job, I remarked to a colleague while riding in an elevator that I liked the 36-point font she used. Then I called it by name. She just gave me a deer-in-headlights look. Ten minutes later, she called and asked me the name of the font. I told her, and she confirmed I was right. But I knew that. I know fonts. I like fonts. I also like films and brainiac things like documentary films.

What's worse? I am watching a documentary film about fonts. Seriously. It's fabulous. Find it. Put it in your Netflix queue (Blockbuster doesn't keep it in stock - trust me, you'll wait forever unless you go the Netflix route) or download it in iTunes.

Meet the guy behind Zapf Dingbats or Chancery fonts.
Meet the typographer brother of the famous New Yorker music critic. Meet the guy who created the signage for the New York City subway system. Find out how Helvetica font was named (it will surprise you!). This film will open your eyes to fonts. You will look at printed materials and signage in a new way. Watch it. You won't be disappointed. Trust me. :)