belated spring cleaning...

Three and one-half months.
Damn! 'Tis high time to rid this blog of its cobwebs and dust bunnies.

To what, pray tell, can this reticence be traced? (I prefer "blamed" - it's a less passive word.)

The answer? A "Top 5" List, if you will:

5. Guy (who took up ALL of my time)
4. Guy (who then took up NONE of my time but all of my stress)
3. Guy (who gives recovery therapy for the aforementioned guy)
2. Work/school (loathing in equal measure)
1. Apathy resulting from all of the above
I once read that all of life's wars and/or strife can be boiled down to two principles: love and power. I concur. Love is about sharing the wealth; breakups are about retaining the goods.

Shakespeare said, "They do not love who do not show their love." To this I wish to add an equally sage kernel of truth: "they get not
back their stuff who speak not with their ex."

Some argue that all's fair in love and war. Well, only a man would utter such nonsense. No woman would ever deem it fair to lose footwear in a breakup. But then again, I shoulda looked under the bed.
Damn, I'm gonna miss those boots...and that L.L.Bean raincoat...my sale-priced casualties of war.